Cornwall is a wonderfully scenic county, surrounded by sea and loud with cawing gulls. The North Coast is wild and dramatic, with magnificent waves and beaches, as well as steep cliffs. The South Coast is gentler, with tree-filled inlets running out to sea and smaller, more intimate coves and fishing villages. Flower-rich gardens host huge rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias, tree ferns and all manner of gorgeous borders. For quiet souls there are many secluded places. Camping, cycling and walking are delightful pleasures. 

Buzzards circle over Bodmin Moor, rich in archaeological wonder and wide vistas. Even today, the worldview of the Neolithic people is traceable and accessible. Their reverence for Rough Tor is marked by viewframes through which one can view their sacred mountain, processional pathways, and stone circles aligned with Rough Tor.

Visit the charming city of Truro for great shopping, theatre at the Hall for Cornwall, the cathedral and the museum. Truro is a lovely gateway to tidal inlets such as Mylor or the marvellously named Ruan Lanihone. There is so much more in Cornwall to discover, so come along!


Tintagel Castle





Lands End