Dr Cathy Farnworth

Professional Profile


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BA (Hons 2.1) English Literature and Development Studies (University of Sussex, UK); Diploma in the Management of Change (University of London); MA (Distinction) in Gender Analysis in Development (University of East Anglia, UK) and award-winning PhD in Rural Development Studies with a focus on achieving pro-poor international commodity chain development (University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden).

Cathy Rozel Farnworth (PhD) is a social scientist with a strong theoretical and practical background on gender issues in agriculture, value chains and climate change. She has spent many years living and working overseas on behalf of a variety of development partners, academic and research institutions. Her country experience includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Syria, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Germany, and Uganda, with two years each in China, Kenya, and Madagascar. Cathy was a MSc lecturer at the University of Flensburg, Germany, on gender, programme management, etc, and has devised and taught many courses on gender, including in India.

Dr. Farnworth has twenty years of experience in gender analysis in agriculture, climate change, pro-poor value chain development (including organic and fair trade approaches), and participatory research methods. She is currently working with CCAFS (Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security) to develop gender workplans for project teams in Vietnam working in rice, in East Africa on dairy cattle chains, Costa Rica on cattle chains, and in India on nitrogen management. She is also working with CIMMYT to help the East and Southern Africa teams to integrate gender into their portfolios. She recently worked with ILRI and WorldFish on gender analytical tools in fish and livestock chains, and on engendering livestock services. With IFAD, Cathy is the lead author of a 'household methodologies sourcebook', which brings together best practice on these exciting and novel methodologies.

Whilst based at ICARDA in Syria, Cathy was a Global Author for the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) and the regional coordinator for the IAASTD Central and West Asia and North Africa Sub-Global Assessment. Dr. Farnworth prepared Module 5 ‘Gender and Markets’ for the World Bank’s Gender and Agricultural Livelihoods Sourcebook. She was the commissioning editor of a book called ‘Creating Food Futures: ethics, trade and the environment’ (Gower), and has co-written a book on gender and participatory plant breeding published by the PRGA. She has written many peer-reviewed papers published in various journals.

Selected Publications


Farnworth & Jahan Gender & Social Norms Bangladesh 2014

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Bishop Sambrook & Farnworth Household Methodologies

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