The Reverend Densham lived at the Rectory from 1931 to his death in 1952. He was famed for his loneliness, his arguments with his parishioners, his gentleness and his generosity, and his eccentricity.

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The Story of Reverend Densham 

At the time of his appointment, the patron of the living was not known locally, and so the new incumbent was an utter stranger, unknown to the Parish Church Council. Very necessary was it for him to win, if not the hearts, at least the acceptance of his flock; and while he was doing so his past would offer, no doubt, fertile soil for speculation and rumour.

Such interest is understandable enough in so remote a parish as Warleggan. Here, if you glance at the Church register or the headstones in the graveyard, you see the same names recurring again and again out of the years and you realise the rarity of a stranger, what a delight to local tongues he would be.

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