Roger Farnworth

Roger Farnworth, my father, was born in 1937 in Truro. He went to the University of Bristol where he studied the Philosophy of Perception, and he took a Diploma in Social Work in London. With his wife Laura, from Jersey, and his children Cathy and Tristan, Roger worked for four years in Zambia during the 1960s and then Saudi Arabia for one year, and he also lived in Tresillian, Holywell Bay and Ireland. He came to The Rookery, Warleggan in 1970 with his family and spent several years renovating Pandia and The Rookery. Throughout his time in the parish, Roger was an active member of the community and the church. Nationally, he was Intellectual Events Officer for Mensa. He had a huge 'circle of concern', and was strongly committed to working with people in other countries to improve their lives. Roger was one of the first to create 'development education' days and kits, and in 2003, he became an EAPPI volunteer in Palestine.

Roger was one of the North Cornwall Seven group of painters and exhibited widely. He was also a member of several poetry groups, the Julian Group, the local United Nations Association, and many others. Roger spent much time thinking his way into the ancient past and was a valued contributor to Cornish archaeology. For him, the landscape in the parish was holy and he loved this place.

Please see: for information about Roger's life, and also further links to his poetry and other work.